Top Inshore Fish Catches in Amelia Island

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Two men on Pipe Dream Charters Fishing Boat holding a huge redfish caught in the Jetties off Fernandina Beach, Florida.

If you’re an avid inshore fishing angler or simply enjoy spending time out on the water, Amelia Island is a paradise for fishing enthusiasts.

Located off the coast of Northeast Florida, this beautiful island is renowned for its diverse and abundant fish population.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a novice looking to reel in your first big catch, you’ll find plenty of exciting opportunities here.

In this article, we’ll explore three of Amelia Island’s top catches: Redfish, Spotted Trout, and Sheepshead. So grab your fishing gear and let’s dive right in!

Redfish: The Bull of the Estuaries

One of the most sought-after game fish in these waters is the Redfish. These powerful creatures are known for their bronze-colored bodies and distinctive black spot near their tails.

Redfish are often found in shallow waters near marshes, flats, and oyster bars. They are notorious fighters, putting up a thrilling battle when hooked.

To increase your chances of catching Redfish, it’s essential to use the right bait and technique. Live shrimp, mullet, or crab are popular bait choices that entice these feisty fighters.

When it comes to technique, try casting near oyster beds or grassy areas during high tide for optimal results. Just be prepared for an exhilarating fight when a Redfish takes the bait!

Spotted Trout: The Elusive Prize

If you’re looking for a challenge, Spotted Trout fishing on Amelia Island is perfect for you. Speckled Sea Trout, or simply “Trout,” are known for their speed and elusiveness.

These cunning fish can be found in deeper waters near channels and grass flats. They tend to be more active during low light conditions such as dawn or dusk.

When targeting Spotted Trout, using live shrimp, finger mullet, or artificial lures like soft plastics and topwater plugs can yield great results.

Remember to vary your retrieve speed and experiment with different depths until you find what works best.

Once you hook a Trout, get ready for some acrobatics as they leap out of the water in an attempt to shake the hook!

Sheepshead: The Sneaky Opportunists

While Redfish and Trout are the stars of the show, don’t overlook Sheepshead when fishing in Amelia Island’s waters.

These striped fish may not be as glamorous, but they make up for it with their delicious taste and challenging nature. Sheepshead are notorious bait stealers, so it’s crucial to be patient and have a quick hookset.

Sheepshead are often found near structures such as bridges, docks, and rocks.

Their sharp teeth make them excellent at crushing shells and crustaceans, so using fiddler crabs, oysters, or shrimp as bait can greatly increase your chances of success.

When you feel a nibble, wait for the moment of resistance before setting the hook swiftly.

Once you’ve mastered the art of Sheepshead fishing, you’ll be rewarded with a tasty treat!

A Fishing Charter Experience Like No Other

Now that you’re familiar with some of Amelia Island’s top catches, it’s time to plan your fishing charter trip.

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Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a first-time fisherman, our crew will provide all the necessary equipment and expertise to ensure an unforgettable fishing experience.

From bait selection to casting techniques, they’ll be there every step of the way to help you land that prized catch.

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Whether you’re looking to target Redfish, Spotted Trout, Sheepshead, or any other species that inhabit these waters, our knowledgeable crew will make sure you have a memorable and successful outing.

So grab your fishing buddies and get ready for an unforgettable day on the water. Tight lines and happy fishing!

Happy Fishing!

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